Curated Library Loops

So… Are you looking to spice up your tracks with killer guitars? or maybe you are experiencing a little bit of a composer’s block??

Well… let me introduce you to the first Hongo Digital’s Curated Loop Library release.

We made a collaboration with the amazing Guitar player and composer “Madame Madness” to create a perfect set of curated guitar loops, played by the man himself.

With this amazing curated library you will have the opportunity to write a full song or just use the loop that suits the most into your track.

But honestly, the most amazing part of this curated library is that you won’t get completely lost in an endless list of never-ending loops.

You will find the perfect amount of tracks that will trigger you creativity without too much hassle.

Please keep reading to find out about all the specifics and don’t forget to listen to some demos!

Keep on rocking


# Track Name Total Tracks MIDI Riff Tempo
1 Break The Chains 12 Included 120 BPM
2 Last Run 10 Included 140 BPM
3 Sugar Free 10 Included 110 BPM
4 Happy Feet 12 Included 105 BPM
5 Psychotic Lunch 14 Included 150 BPM
6 Title: Stronger 8 Included 90 BPM
7 Crazy Sun 12 Included 120 BPM
8 Follow the Rabbit 10 Included 120 BPM
9 Iron Clouds 8 Included 92 BPM
10 Little Mistake 14 Included 150 BPM


# Track Name Total Tracks Tempo
1 Breakfast 6 135 BPM
2 Dessert 4 110 BPM
3 Dinner 6 120 BPM
4 Lunch 4 120 BPM
5 Snack 5 120 BPM

General Library Info

Size: 686MB

Format: Wav & Midi | Recorded @ 24 bits / 48 Khz

Total Main Tracks: 108

Total Midi “Riffs”: 10

Total “Bonus” Tracks: 25